Evasion and Curiosity: A “Trickster”

Coyotes have a knack for “evading” or “loosing” those of us who have been watching them. I’ve walked by a coyote which I thought had moved forward along a trail, only to find that it had moved only a few paces, an almost imperceptible movement, partly behind a tree or a bit further up a hillside, or its stillness had caused it to blend into the landscape: the color of a coyote’s coat and it’s slow, smooth movements allow this. Spotting a coyote where you thought you had not seen it a second before is a bit disconcerting! At the same time, coyotes also can run a considerable distance before you know it: I’ve watched a coyote who, again, suddenly is nowhere to be seen — until I look way into the distance: how did it get there so quickly? This is why coyotes have been known in Native American mythology as tricksters — and it is why the term still has meaning for some people.

In addition, coyotes are very curious creatures. If you catch their interest, they might follow you or look back at you as you walk along — always very quietly and sometimes imperceptibly, until you “catch” them doing so. Again, the idea of “trickster” comes to the minds of many.

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