More Ears And Facial Expressions


I posted several of these photos a couple of months ago when I took them. The little guy was sitting in the same spot for just a few short moments, during which time he displayed a wide range of ear movements and facial expressions. He was “dealing” with a sibling to our left who was pressuring him to “come along”. This coyote reacted to the sibling’s pressure by sitting firmly in one spot, and for the most part, looking away. However, the ear movements and facial expressions show that along with the defiance there is a bit of inner conflict going on, too!  Notice that the ears move from up and forward, up and to the side, down and to the side, down and back, head cocked to the side, eyes narrowed. Twice he glances over his shoulder at the sibling. I wrote about this incident from the perspective of the other sibling on July 4 when I took these shots: Aren’tcha Coming???

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