Familiar “Squirrel Spots”

Over time, as I’ve watched a number of coyotes, I’ve become aware of their awareness of particular squirrel spots: places where there is squirrel activity on a regular basis. Coyotes keep their eyes on these areas for activity, sometimes from quite a distance away. I’ve seen a coyote dash in from 200 feet away: I don’t know if it was their vision or their hearing, or both, which tuned them in. So far, I have never seen a coyote actually catch a squirrel.

Here are photos from a recent coyote/squirrel campaign. The coyote dashed in from quite a distance, having spotted the squirrel from high up on a hill. The coyote climbed the lower branches of the tree, and then patiently paced while waiting for the squirrel to make a mistake, which the squirrel did not do. Meanwhile, the squirrel teased and scolded from high up in the tree. I’ve seen this same activity in the same location many times now. And I’ve seen the same activity in a couple of other locations.

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