Pursued Against One’s Will

Here you have a young coyote using a trail in a park. He had been avoiding and walking away from dog-walking groups all morning. His walk is obviously a casual one on a trail which appeared to have no one on it. The coyote left the trail long enough for an attempt at hunting in some brushes but then returned to the path. Suddenly, from over 200 feet ahead, a dog on the trail spotted this coyote and came after him furiously. The dog was right on the coyote’s tail — and it is this extreme closeness which is so disturbing. The coyote got away. But the story could have been different, with the dog hurting the coyote, and the coyote hurting the dog in self-defense. For the dog, chasing is game, but for the coyote it involved running for its life: coyotes live in a much more real world than our dogs do. I have avoided putting photos of dogs in the blog, but this one needs to be put in to bring home to everyone that wildlife and dogs need to be kept apart. This type of scenario can be avoided by restraining our dogs in parks that have coyotes.

A woman nearby who watched the event was able to grab her unleashed dog to prevent it, too, from going after the coyote — something it has done frequently and I could tell from the way the dog was pulling on the owner’s hold that the dog desperately wanted to do so again. The dog probably would not have pulled this way if it had been prevented from chasing the coyotes so many times before. I was pleased that she put in this effort this time.

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