Feeding Coyotes

I’ve heard of tourists feeding coyotes along roadways in places such as national park areas. This behavior is now occurring at the Golden Gate Bridge right in San Francisco. Not only is human food a bad and unhealthy choice for wildlife, but the fact that it is being offered by humans will cause these coyotes to associate humans with food.

Almost all aggressive coyote incidents have been traced to feedings of this sort. Food that is freely offered eventually becomes aggressively demanded by coyotes. Once coyotes become aggressive, they must be eliminated — killed.

And now, right in our own neighborhoods, a friend of mine saw food being tossed from a car at a coyote by the side of the road . The coyote ran into the street to retrieve what had been tossed. This is one of the worst incidents I have heard about. Please don’t feed coyotes, and please let others know that their “offerings” will lead to the deaths of these coyotes: luring a coyote with food, either into the streets or into interaction with humans is not compatible with keeping them wild, or with coexistence — instead it is a death sentence just waiting to occur.

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  1. Peter
    Mar 20, 2011 @ 02:53:12

    The same thing is going on in my city … and then residents complain to the media about aggressive coyotes.


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