A Cobweb Fur Day


Maybe you’ve had a bad hair day? Well, I found a coyote who was having a cobweb fur day! What I first noticed was a black mark on his face, which I thought represented an injury of some sort. I tried to photograph him face-on so that I could zero-in on the exact nature of the marking. Before I could figure it out, I detected an odd anomaly in what I thought was the background as I snapped my photos.


I wondered to myself what that background messiness was. Then, I noticed that this background anomaly actually ALWAYS appeared between the coyote’s ears. Ahhh, it wasn’t the background, it was something ON the coyote! I soon figured out that it was cobwebs that had become stuck on and between his ears, as though he was wearing them! How funny!


The black mark soon disappeared, and the sticky cobwebs soon, apparently, slipped off of his ears and down to one of his eyes — my next photos wouldn’t produce a clear eye, but kept showing a blurred or messy eye. Again, I had to zero-in to figure it out. I wonder how much it was hampering him, if at all — possibly giving him a bad hair day? It was a rather intense day, which I’ll post about next time.


Going back over my photos, I was able to locate exactly where he had picked these up. It was among brambles outside someone’s fence where he had gone to investigate the barking on the other side of the fence. By the way, it’s a great fence: “good fences make good neighbors”, and this one keeps dog and coyote neighbors “good”.

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