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Detrimental Effects of Radio Collars


The once happy-go-lucky coyote is now wounded  I cried when I next saw the coyote pictured above. She had more wounds and was thin and frail looking. Only a month ago she was so infectiously happy — she brought joy to all who observed her. This is the coyote who was displaced from her own territory […]

My SF Coyote DNA Study Continues


Monica Serrano in Dr. Benjamin Sacks’ lab (MECU) at U.C. Davis has analyzed the scats that I’ve been collecting and here is her fabulous summary poster! The first samples which I started collecting in 2008 were analyzed and reported in a previous poster by Dr. Ben Sacks’ lab in 2018. I have been collecting these […]

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PLAYING, RELAXING  & EVERYDAY BEHAVIOR My Introduction to Myca of Twin Peaks, Published July, 2007 What Coyotes Do: Wandering About on a Hill Slope Published April 5, 2010 Curiosity vs. Fleeing Published April 5, 2010 Shaking Out The Rain Published March 31, 2010 Pesky Gnats Published March 27, 2010 Do Coyote Tails Wag? “Catch Me If You Can!” Published March […]

Update: This Gypsy/Divorced Coyote Has Found Himself YET Another Home!


I last wrote about this fella, who I will call Monte here (I always use pronounceable names instead of numbers — they are easier to remember and don’t dehumanize them), after things had settled down a bit from the tumultuous events of a year ago: mating-for-life might be the norm in the coyote world, but […]

Coyote Territorial Movements To Four Corners of the City: An Update


For 13 years I’ve been documenting coyotes and their families in the city. Last year, the life of one of those coyotes — a loner female — bounced into one of charmed companionship with the arrival of a friendly young newcomer male, and then, within just a few months of that, it spun downhill into […]

It’s A Small World After All


A couple of days ago I visited the Presidio of San Francisco. I haven’t been going there regularly because the ecologist there is already monitoring those coyotes, but I went this time to check on the coyote I’ve labeled “Wired” — she had been radio-collared over a year ago. I heard she had moved in […]

More Infection From Tagging


These photos were taken in the Presidio of San Francisco on February 19th by EEHelton and posted in iNaturalist. The Presidio is the only place in San Francisco where tagging is done. This is an obvious example of an infected ear caused by tags. I know this female coyote who was perfectly fine only a month […]

Scout Continues On The Run


Scout disappeared from my radar about six weeks ago, after a short return to her old territory at the end of June from where she left abruptly after seeing that her vanquisher was still there. It appears that this little coyote will never give up hope of returning. . . . some day, some day. […]

Adversity Continues


After brutally driving off our 3-year resident coyote and hanging around the area for about two months, the Wired intruder headed off to an area several miles away where I serendipitously encountered her a number of times. She appears to be roaming the entirety of San Francisco, from corner to corner. I wondered if she […]