Janet’s statement: “I *Do Coyotes*! I spend my time watching them and documenting them, and then I share my first-hand information, compassion, and love for the animals with folks in various ways, in hopes of filling an informational void which prompts fears or misunderstanding. Coyotes are always doing something — this is why they are so interesting. By watching carefully and noticing what occurs before and after a behavior, you can tell what’s going on.”

For my bibliography, press here: Bibliography.

One thing I don’t think I’ve made very clear in my blog is that I’m not simply a “photographer”. I’ve never studied photography, I don’t have a degree in it, I’ve never sold a single photo. The camera for me is my tool for gathering information: to help with identification and to find out about relationships, family behaviors, family interactions, behaviors at encounters with people and pets and vice versa, etc. My camera is my notebook. SOME of my photos are “good photographs”, earning me the moniker of “photographer”. But the camera is simply a tool  for what I really do, which is much more substantive and in-depth than simply “photography”. 

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