Take A Short Coyote Survey

2016-08-04 (2)

Hello Neighbors:

Could you (and others in your household) please fill out a short survey — Opinions, sightings, and encounters with coyotes in San Francisco? Although we are targeting San Francisco, we would love to hear from everyone — just make sure to add your zip code! It’s only 13 questions — and should take only a few minutes to complete! The questions are simple and non-weighted, with a place to elaborate in your own words. Also, we ask that you pass this on to others — maybe through Nextdoor or other such sites? Press here to go to the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QPTW6RZ
The information gathered in this survey will be used to improve educational materials for the community. It will also help enlighten us all about the experiences we have had and how we feel and think about them. This is not a random survey meant to measure the statistical breakdown of opinions within the community — rather it is meant to reveal a range of experiences and opinions in a segment of the population that has an interest in coyotes.
We’ll be sharing results (anonymously) including some of the comments (anonymously) on the coyotecoexistence.com website.
Thank you for helping! 

Janet for Coyotecoexistence.com



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