Myca of Twin Peaks

It was three years ago today that I encountered my first urban coyote, right in the middle of San Francisco. It was a thrilling experience which launched me on the “coyote adventure” which I have been involved in since that time. I photograph coyotes when I can and I observe their behavior: I post what I come up with on my website and blog.

I self-published a little booklet about that first coyote: “Myca of Twin Peaks”, which sold at cost in about ten of our independent bookstores in San Francisco. Copies are still being printed. The booklet was printed in the wake of two coyotes having been shot in our Golden Gate Park. The coyotes had bitten a Ridgeback and therefore were considered “aggressive”. What was later found out was that the Ridgeback, a regular walker in the area, was unleashed and continually chased the coyotes in that area which included a den. The two coyotes were parents doing what all parents do: protecting their young ones from danger, from an unleashed dog which continually went after them.

The booklet depicts my observation of a coyote as mild-natured with lots of personality. The juxtaposition and seeming contradiction of “wild” and “urban” upped the excitement of seeing one. I had never encountered anything so truly “wild” right on my own path in the city. This first coyote encounter was so unexpected. It was so immediate. It revealed the depth of personality of the animals around us. And, it opened the door to me about interspecies communication and good will.

Please remember that coyotes are first and foremost wild animals, in spite of all of their charming behaviors. Please lets keep them this way. For your own safety and theirs, do not approach coyotes, and never feed them. Feeding them has been implicated in causing them to eventually become aggressive towards humans. And always keep your dog leashed in a coyote area. Humans need to give so little to make co-existence work.

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