“SF Residents Learn to Coexist with Urban Coyotes” by Robin Hindery

110313-coyotes-vlg-3p.grid-4x2-1Robin Hindery has written a wonderful article — informative, interesting and fair — about how San Franciscans are learning to coexist with urban coyotes.  Robin is an Associated Press reporter and Jeff Chiu is an Associated Press photographer. We all hiked together in one of the many coyote habitats in San Francisco. Thank you, Robin! Thank you Jeff! The article appeared in newspapers all over the US, including the New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle and the Herald Tribune. I’ve included a link here to one of the papers:


SF Residents Coexist With Urban Coyotes (PDF)

NYTimes (PDF)

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  1. JCAmberlyn
    Mar 13, 2011 @ 22:15:20

    Saw this article and found this link. Great site! I love your coyote pics! I grew up in the Bay Area and always wanted to see a coyote but never managed to see one there then. I did find a skull once, though (which I still have). Today I live in Arizona, where I see more coyotes now but unfortunately they’re heavily hunted around here. Thus, it’s hard to see them for long, much less get good photos. I still try, though! But I’d love to be able to just follow them around like you do! Keep up the good work!


    • yipps
      Mar 13, 2011 @ 23:13:06

      Hi —

      Coyotes are still elusive — it’s their nature — most people don’t ever see them at all. It’s less that I follow them around than that I can spot one when I’m out walking. Waiting for something to “happen” takes patience, but this is what I’m looking for — what they are “doing” — their behavior. And, it’s the urban/wild contradiction which I like so much. I’ve seen coyotes in the countryside and it’s not quite the same for me. Thanks for writing! Janet

  2. M.Ro
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 15:46:37

    I live in SoCal (O.C.) and wish there was more acceptance of the coyotes here. Some neighbors I know seem to hate them (lost pets) or are afraid of them. We used to have quite a few that roamed our streets until a new development started, possibly effected their den. A few of my neighbors and I miss seeing them. People need to understand, they’re only here b/c they were here before we developed on their homes. Follow some common sense rules. I have 3 dogs, never leave them out for long periods. When coyotes are really hungry, they’ll attack the bigger dogs as packs. Funny things is, 10 yrs ago, our developer advised us of the wildlife, “don’t leave your little dogs outside, don’t let your cats out”, of course all those that did and lost pets, blame the coyotes…..hmmmm, last I checked coyotes couldn’t read. I’m glad to have seen your blog and such wonderful pics!


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