Horsin’ Around and Banter

2014-06-23 (1)

Coyotes spend a great deal of time playing, which includes horsing around, teasing and bantering. These are extremely social and family minded animals: they are constantly interacting with each other. These two are wild urban coyotes in one of the public parks right in San Francisco, one of the 10 densest urban centers in the country. They are behaving like any of the rest of us might towards a much loved parent!

Here, in the top photo, an adult yearling daughter has just “hopped on Pop”, actually draping her entire body over his like a wet rag! While on top of him, she gave little playful nibbles to his elbows and knees and then she slid off!

She ran off to wrestle energetically with her brother, but within a few minutes she returned to Dad and placed, this time, just a paw on his back, bottom photo, and again, playfully and affectionately nibbled at his elbows, teasing him a little! She’s the only one in this family of three that puts her paws — or even more of herself — on top of anyone else. She is the only female in this family pack. Hmmm. I’m wondering if she has special status due to this, or if she just happens to be the most demonstrative of the group?


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  1. cathycareyblog
    Jun 25, 2014 @ 00:19:08

    They are so funny! I love seeing your photos of the coyotes being so animated!


    • yipps
      Jun 25, 2014 @ 01:11:43

      Hi Cathy — Yes, they’re full of positive life, aren’t they! Hope more and more folks can learn to appreciate them! Janet

  2. Sheryl Hester
    Jun 25, 2014 @ 13:59:37

    Coyotes have certain areas on their body where they don’t like to be touched. If they allow it they are being submissive. Legs, hips, flanks are the most sensitive. I think that little girl with be the “leader of the pack” someday.


    • yipps
      Jun 25, 2014 @ 17:02:41

      Hi Sheryl — I totally agree that this gal is headed to be a leader. Of further interest is that the others “allow” this — they could easily move away from the behavior or snarl at it, but they don’t. They stand still and let it happen, almost encouraging it, as though they need/want a “female leader”!

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