Evading by hiding & waiting in the brush

This lone coyote was out next to some willow growth when I spotted it early in the morning. It hung out while I took a few photos and then, as walkers appeared over the ridge in the distance, it opted for the safety within the willows — I had seen it out in the open for only about four minutes. I thought it was gone for the day, so I walked through the park, but I kept my eyes open for if this coyote might re-emerge in the same area — I was hoping.

Forty minutes later, there it was, out in the open again, right where it had been before. I could tell it was uneasy. After only a minute, it re-entered the same spot into the willows. Of interest to me is that this coyote had waited in one spot for 40 minutes — waiting to continue whatever it had been doing before, but waiting until it felt safe to do so. When it did re-emerge, the coyote still felt uncomfortable so retreated again.

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