Clearings open ways for dogs to chase coyotes

At 1:00 pm one of the residents residing along one of the parks called me. A coyote was yipping in a way she had not heard before — she was wondering if it was injured. I could hear the yipping over the telephone!

I went to check it out. The coyote was still yipping when I got to the park, which is what helped me locate it. I saw it only briefly before it ran off. But it was not the coyote which distressed me — the coyote sounded fine except that it was complaining. It is the situation which was distressing to me. Coyotes yip when they have been intruded upon: almost always because a dog has chased them.  Although I came too late to see the cause of the yipping, I later found out that it had been due to a dog. My real discovery was that any dog can now run into this previously very protected area. Only six months ago it was an area in which I could barely get through because it was so dense with thorny branches, underbrush and poison oak. It is an area where no one ever went — there was no reason or need to go there, and there was no need or reason to clear it. It was a perfect animal habitat with all sorts of protection for them. Now, any dog can run through there. This area is known to be a den area.

People have wondered why coyotes are more visible lately in our parks. Might it be that the secluded areas where these animals hung out are no longer secluded? When the coyotes first chose this area of this park in 2006-2007 they chose a well protected area, dense with growth, where dogs or humans would not and could not disturb them. They were seldom seen. We have since cleared out these areas which has made their once secluded areas very accessible now.

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