What Coyotes Do: Wandering About on a Hill Slope

I don’t know when or where this young coyote’s wanderings began, nor when or where they ended. I was able to observe a 15 minute snippet of it as it wandered in an area of about 300 feet. The area was an overgrown grassy hill slope near a road and near some houses on the edge of a park. The coyote was probably trying to get one last bite of food — possibly a gopher — before heading in for the day. I saw it “pounce” on something once, but it walked away without a prize. The coyote’s activities included: meandering at a walk, a romp down the hill, hunting by standing very still and watching movement on the ground, pawing the ground in one spot which produced no results, sitting very still to observe roadway activity, monitoring for noise and activity around a house before continuing — possibly it was listening for dogs which are a coyote’s main threat in an urban setting, peering carefully into bushes, and standing still at alert to watch for danger on a regular basis. The coyote did not venture close to the road or houses, but always remained within the “wilder” overgrown park. This coyote was unaware of me — otherwise it would have “checked” on me now and then. I was far in the distance and obscured by some tall vegetation.

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