Looking Up To A Coyote Sibling and Sibling Curiosity

Of course, the pups in a family always look up to their mother. And she, the mother, leads and disciplines with care and firmness and affection. But when the mother is not around, or at least not close by, I’ve actually seen a hierarchy among the siblings. It’s less that there is a leader than that there is a follower, though I’ve seen the leader check on the other. The follower waits for, and looks up to the other sibling. I’m still seeing this behavior at one-year of age. Maybe this hierarchy is permanent? They BOTH constantly check on what the other is up to — there is always an immense curiosity and interest in this!

The leader is generally bolder and can be seen more often exploring on its own, or exploring just with the mother. The follower is much shyer and prefers not to be seen by people, flees quickly, and only hangs around if either the sibling or mother are there.

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