Poisons Used by San Francisco’s “Natural Areas Program”

Poisons are being used in San Francisco public parks to get rid of plants. And plants are being yanked up along paths leaving large areas of bare ground which then becomes prone to erosion. The photos above make sections look like a war zone. Whatever happened to sustainability and being environmentally friendly? What about including those of us who use the parks in their planning?

The Natural Areas Program is a “politically correct” program run by small organized groups. It is a misnomer: there is nothing “natural” about the program. They use whatever methods they want to reach their ends. They are actually decreasing biodiversity and polluting the ground in the name of a program that few people really want. We all wanted native plants, but never did anyone agree to ripping everything else out, and never did we agree for poisons to be used. The poisons are being washed into the water systems of the parks. The poisons are affecting the food chain from the bottom up. They are toxic — all poisons are.

Who uses these methods? Our Parks and Recreation Department has ceded authority to volunteers, who, at their own discretion, are creating parks in the image they want without including those of us who actually use the parks.

The wild character of several of our parks is what makes them so special. The underbrush and overgrowth which has been removed served as protection and as habitat for all sorts of animals. Huge areas which were protected from humans and dogs because of their growth can now be walked through easily. This means animals homes were destroyed. Why?

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  1. milliontrees
    Jul 26, 2010 @ 21:36:32

    If herbicides are being used without following San Francisco’s laws regarding pesticides, this should be reported to the Department of the Environment. Only certain herbicides are approved for use in San Francisco. Exceptions to those limits must be approved in advance by the department. Records must be kept on all use of herbicides, even those approved for use. Only city employees who have been trained in the use of herbicides are allowed to apply herbicides. Volunteers are not qualified to apply herbicides. Herbicide use must be announced in writing in advance at the location of the application and that notice must be kept in place for a specific period of time. I don’t see any such announcements in these photos. Everything about these photos suggests there is something illegal going on here.

    The City of San Francisco has adopted the Precautionary Principle. That means that no toxic substances are supposed to be purchased or used in San Francisco that are considered potentially harmful to the environment or the animals that live in it, including humans. Even when there is not solid scientific evidence of such potential harm, the Precationary Principle obligates the city to ban the use of such substances.

    It looks as though something is going wrong here.


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