And MORE Dominant Male/Father Coyote Behavior

Here is another disciplinary sequence taken by Charles Wood of the same dominant male coyote father. These photos are copyrighted and may be used only with his explicit permission. He has generously allowed me to use them on my blog.

“On June 22, I saw the father coyote with four puppies as I watched from the road. He saw me and alerted his following pups who then became agitated. One bolted forward running away from the group. He had alerted the puppies following behind him by raising one front leg, partially bowing and turning his head back to look directly at them. I didn’t hear any  vocalizations. The puppies immediately knew something was up and nervously scanned the area. He alternated between looking at me and looking at the three puppies behind him, and looking forward down the path towards the puppy that had fled ahead. He looked at me and curled his lips into a snarl and then retreated, with three puppies, abandoning the fourth that had fled ahead. A few minutes later the abandoned puppy fled full speed back in the direction the others had left. My impression was of a vary angry dad and an alerted, agitated brood.”

“I’m including: Dadwarn: interesting communication to his pups, cautioning them, alerting them with leg and look. He was silent as far as I could tell.”

“Dadlook: he’s looking forward down the road at the pup that ran ahead.”

“Dadmad: looked back at me after seeing the pup forward on the road. That snarl at me was just before he retreated with the three and abandoned the fourth that had run away forward from the group. As I took those shots I couldn’t actually see his angry expression through the viewfinder. I just thought he was sniffing the air. When I zoomed in on the picture at home I was stunned to realize the extent of his anger. I empathized immediately with the poor guy who had temporarily lost a pup. Kinda sobering as I contemplated the depth of his concerns. That drama ended as the lost pup came flying down the road back in the direction the group had gone.”

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