An Alpha Coyote Mother “Fetches” Younger Coyotes

I was sitting, resting on the stairs of a path when a young runner and his dog went by me — these were the first visitors I saw in the park that day. Within a few seconds, there appeared two young coyotes which had to have been following the dog and runner, apparently out of sheer curiosity. With me there on the path, the coyotes decided not to go by.  Instead they explored the hillside and approached what appeared to be a friendly dog for a few moments.

Then, in the far corner of the field we could see the Alpha, the coyotes’ mother, hurry over — I seldom have seen her hurry like this. The minute the younger coyotes saw her, they bounded down the hill to greet her. The greeting was short, and then off the three of them went, single file, mom leading the way, leaping & running over glen and dale, over bushes and up hills and down sheer cliffs. They paused on a trail on the edge of a bluff, and I was able to catch up. The coyotes had been looking around, and may have run off in this manner because of specific dogs that arrived in the park.

At the top of the bluff, then, one of the coyotes stayed back, in effect, barring my further approach until the others moved on out of sight, and then this one slithered away and I didn’t see any of them again. Seldom has their behavior been so hurried or seemingly purposeful as this. The mother had come to “fetch” the younger coyotes and take them with her. She communicated this to them and they all hurried off and stayed closely together as they left.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. RKB
    Jul 09, 2010 @ 07:41:03

    I’m blown away by this blog. Its amazing that you’re documenting such well-observed coyote behaviour. Thanks!


    • janet kessler
      Jul 09, 2010 @ 15:28:47

      Thank you!! If I’m getting the word out about how fantastic these critters are, about their intimate family life and other behaviors, I’m succeeding! Thank you for your comment, and thanks for visiting the site!

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