Intentions Are Clearly Communicated

Here are photos that show a mother coyote who was been waiting, curled up in the grass, for her year-old brood to join her — they are not pups, but fully grown. They had been exploring close by. She had been exploring with them to begin with, but gave the impression that she wanted to move on. She watched patiently from her grassy resting spot. When they were ready, they looked up at her lying in the deep grass — they must have sensed her waiting patiently for them. They approached her with ears down and running low to the ground — doing so enthusiastically. AS they approached, she stuck her tongue out a little — this definitely is a communication device used by coyotes. She got up, keeping her eyes on the approaching young-ones, and then, as if pulling them in her direction, she lept forward at a run and they followed.

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