“Mom”, by Charles Wood

I saw the mother of the alpha male’s puppies on July 30 and July 31, 2010.  It was near sunset and at the north end of the field both times.  The north end is a major street with a dirt road underpass.  The dirt road allows transit to a more bountiful undeveloped area.  On Saturday, July 31, 2010, I watched from the western boundary and was rewarded when she appeared.

She trotted south along the dirt road.  She stopped frequently to look behind her.  I did not see any followers.  At one point she went off the road to look behind her, probably for a clearer vantage point.  Then she continued down the road.  When she neared her destination she lifted her rear leg and urinated on the side of the road.  Closer yet to her destination she defecated, scraped, and continued to look back.  Her destination was a brushy area and she marked the spot where she eventually entered the brush.  I suspect it contains her den because she previously had showed herself to me at that same entrance.

On June 5, 2010 I walked along that road as she stealthily trailed me.  When I reached that entrance she came out and made a stand.  After several minutes she withdrew.  I cautiously followed her a few yards into the brush.  I stopped and looked for her.  I didn’t see her.  I went a few more steps and she darted out in front of me from the shadows.  Ordinarily she is timid, unlike her mate.  Although timid, she gets the job done.  I backed out of the brush thinking that something there was too important to allow an intruder.

The bountiful area to the north is certainly home to other coyotes.  I suspect she hunts there, having seen her near the underpass many times over several months.  She was likely chased away and looked back to be sure the chase had stopped.

Posting written by Charles Wood. Visit Charles Wood’s website for these and more coyote photos: Charles Wood. His work is copyrighted and may only be used with his explicit permission.

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