“Vocalizing”, by Charles Wood

Tuesday I watched for my coyotes from the riverbed near dusk.  The alpha male and his female were together when they spotted me.  Yet Dad did not challenge me and soon left.  I did not see where he went.  Mom stayed behind to watch me for a few moments.  She soon headed east and hid in the brush on the south side.  I didn’t see her again and I did not see their pups.  I had also checked on them after dusk on Sunday.  Sunday I didn’t see the coyotes although I did hear them in the distance on the south side.  They were yipping, but I couldn’t tell how many were vocalizing.

After Mom hid Tuesday I tried to better hide myself to perhaps trick her out into the open again.  I tired of waiting and went instead to the bridge on the major street that is the northern border of their field.  To the north is a bountiful natural area I’ve confirmed they enter.  I stood looking down at the north exit of the underpass.  I hoped to see Mom, Dad or both pass through to the north.  I didn’t see either go through the underpass.  However, from the northeast, perhaps several hundred feet into the nature area, I heard the loud barks of one coyote.  The barks were mixed with high pitched yowls.  Such are the vocalizations I’ve heard from Dad as part of his territorial displays.  I did not hear other coyotes reply to the barks and yowls.  I suspect, of course, that Dad was the coyote that vocalized.  I also assume he was messaging his own kind.  The vocalizations stopped after several minutes.

I waited on the bridge to see if Dad would come trotting back south.  I did not see him do so.  Perhaps he commanded the right to remain north.  Perhaps he had stood his ground until the time was right for him to withdraw to the south.

Posting written by Charles Wood. Visit Charles Wood’s website for these and more coyote photos: Charles Wood. His work is copyrighted and may only be used with his explicit permission.

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