Nighttime Sounds With Zero Visibility

Wildlife has its own very specific set of noises. Familiarity with these sounds makes hearing wildlife as exciting as seeing it, especially if you can dive a little deeper into interpreting the sounds. So, although I could not see a thing because of its being nighttime, I was able to hear coyote sounds as I approached a park. To hear a coyote at night is very exciting, but to be able to interpret what the sound was about made it even more exciting. These were intense and high-pitched, ecstatic squeals which, I have learned, are emitted during happy reunion greetings. I didn’t have to see a thing to know what was going on. COYOTES

Within this same time frame, I heard the hooting of an owl, and the croaking of a raven. The owl hooting was to be expected, but are ravens nocturnal? The owl made three hoots in a row, and continued doing so with pauses in-between: GREAT HORNED OWL. The raven made deep gurgling sounds, with long pauses in-between: RAVEN.

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