One Paw and Two Paw Digging, and then a Nose Prod

Sometimes coyotes wait and watch patiently — hoping to see the little critter they are after before pouncing on it. Sometimes coyotes wait and listen before pouncing — the prey is too deep underground to be seen. A coyote’s hearing is so keen that he can tell where the critter is deep within its burrow. If the critter never comes close enough to the surface for the coyote to pounce on, the coyote will begin to dig. Here is a coyote engaged in a one-paw careful and slow dig. The coyote then engaged in a two-paw dig — a much more intense dig, where he was balanced on his hind legs, his back was arched high, and both forelegs were used sequentially to enlarge the opening of the burrow, with very fast digging. The last picture in this series shows the coyote thrusting its nose deep into the burrow for a last-ditch attempt at grabbing its prey. There was no prize after this series of photos.

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