Snapping: Growing Discord Between Coyote Siblings?

Although these 18-month old male coyotes continue to spend time together, I’ve been noting a growing dissonance between them, and growing separation. The angry snapping in self-defence by the less dominant coyote #2, has become more routine. The dominant coyote #1 persists in attempting to dominate, while the less dominant #2 tends to move off or look away to avoid the first one. At this point I would not call coyote #2 submissive, after all, he snaps in self-defence. However, coyote #1 is definitely dominating in his behavior. Coyote #2 deals with the hounding by moving away and averting his gaze. His patience is wearing thin: “If you want to boss me around, go fly a kite.”  I’ve labeled what went on today in the sequence of photos above.

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