Male and Female Barking

Sirens sounded, and then I could hear the familiar sounds of coyotes “howling”. The howling always includes high pitched squeals along with some barking. I ran to where the sounds were coming from, but did not arrive in time to catch the “howls” on my recording device. The howls segued into a “barking” session, probably prompted on by the appearance of a hostile walker and dog approaching in the distance.

I’m including this recording of the “barking” section to show the slight difference in male and female coyote voices. The female has a “ra-ra-ra-ra” type of bark and a very high pitched, continuous tremolo. Her voice fills most of the recording, with the male’s interspersed. The male has a deeper bark — more like a barking dog’s. The grunts are his. His tremolos are always short, as if he can’t quite keep them going — there are only a few of them: at 17 seconds, 101, 222 and I think 227. See bottom of page: Male and Female Coyotes Barking.

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