Crossing A Busy Intersection Intelligently

I watched a coyote cross the street this morning. The coyote was very intelligent about it. There was a stop light. The coyote didn’t cross when all the cars were fully stopped at a red stop light. No. The coyote just stayed back and watched from the grass beyond the sidewalk. Then the traffic started up again, moving en masse, almost as one big object. The coyote crossed the street when that burst of cars had passed — it had waited on purpose for that moment.  I was amazed!  I’ve heard of coyotes using crosswalks and stop lights to cross busy streets. This one used the traffic lights, not as we might have, but nonetheless in a way that worked!

This individual coyote knows how to handle traffic and obviously has had plenty of luck doing so, at least lately. Two years ago this same coyote was struck by a car. I didn’t see the accident, but I did see the severe limp which lasted for well over a month. But an acquaintance actually saw the accident. We both immediately knew it was the same coyote because none of the others ever showed this kind of injury. One of the chief causes of death in urban coyotes is being struck by a car. Just a couple of days ago, at about 7:00 am, a coyote  was fatally struck by a car as it wandered into the street. Please keep your eyes out for wildlife as you drive!

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