Rushed By A Dog

dog rushes a coyote who begins bouncing up & down in a display warning; it worked because the dog turns back here

Coyotes want to be left alone. They do not want to be approached and they do not want to be rushed or chased. Everyone knows how their particular dog will react to a coyote right after their very first encounter with one.

In this instance, a coyote was up on a hill relaxing and minding its own business — watching everything from the distance. It was off the beaten path and therefore out of the way. But as this unleashed dog came over the crest of a hill, he immediately spotted the coyote and rushed it. This is not a new activity for this dog, he has done it before. What is a game for a dog, is not so for a wild coyote. Without coming after the dog, the coyote made a few short feint rushes, bounced up and down, scratched the ground and had its hackles up. The coyote was doing all it could to communicate its needs: “don’t come after me, leave me alone.”

The dog understood, because it didn’t get any closer than what you see in the photo — the dog is actually turning to run to the safety of its master as I clicked this shot. The owner grabbed the dog and leashed it, and they walked on. This incident could have been easily prevented. If your dog has ever gone after a coyote, you need to keep your dog leashed — this is the only way to be responsible and fair to all involved: your dog, the coyote, yourself, other dogs and other walkers.

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  1. Daren R. Sefcik
    Mar 04, 2011 @ 06:42:41

    I can only believe most people don’t look at it from the coyote’s perspective (or even another dog who is leashed and gets bothered by a loose dog). I am amazed by dog owners who seem to have no concern where their dogs runs off to or what it is doing while they are out walking.

    Great site, thanks!


  2. Erika Miller
    Mar 12, 2011 @ 22:35:30

    I always walk my Siberian Husky on a leash in the Glen Park Canyon. Respect nature and wild animals and there will be no problems…. They come near my house all the time and I watch them from a distance.


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