Sopping, Shake-off, and Dry

This coyote was sitting in the pouring rain — just taking it all in, so to speak. The rain did not let up the entire time I watched. When he finally stood up to go, he must have had several cups of water sponged into both his under and outer coats. But not for long. The shake-off began — shwoosh — causing a shower of water to fly in all directions in a three-foot circumference. And then he was ready to trot off — at least one pound lighter and very much drier than before.

Here is another instance of a coyote not being bothered very much by a torrential downpour.

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  1. RKB
    Mar 28, 2011 @ 00:26:41

    This is delightful! That’s such a great picture of the coyote shaking itself dry, I can almost imagine the action.


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