To Be or Not To Be Seen

I am finding a few polar opposites in coyote personalities. One set of polar opposites is to be seen or not to be seen. In the top row of photos is a coyote who I noticed at about the same time he noticed me. He looked around briefly, and then decided to move out of sight. This is very normal behavior for most coyotes. They are shy and they don’t want to be seen.

On the other end of the spectrum is the coyote who, instead of moving out of sight, actually deposits himself on a rock or hill where he knows he will be seen. He knows you are watching him — or maybe he knows you are admiring him. He almost poses for you. And sometimes, he almost falls asleep — eyes close and the head nods off and is caught with a sudden jerk that wakes the coyote up — and he knows you are watching the whole time. Of course, a safe distance and no dog are pre-requisites for a coyote who chooses to be seen.

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