Dad Swims, by Charles Wood

In Los Angeles county I was standing on the river bank Friday at twilight.  Dad came out of the field onto the river bank south of me and about forty yards away.  I stood and stared at him and he went about a third of the way down the river’s concrete side.  I couldn’t see him there so I walked to the edge of the river to take a look.  Dad was headed my way until he saw me watching him from above.  At that point the two leashed dogs with me spotted Dad and began to bark.  I walked towards Dad and he went all the way down to the river and swam across it.  Once over, he trotted up the opposite concrete bank and disappeared from view.

I walked back to the car and on the way I saw Dad waiting and watching fairly far away.  A bit after I passed him he headed north towards the road on which I had been walking.

I don’t know what was up with Dad Friday.  The few times I’ve seen him come out of the field onto the river bank it has been to warn me away and then to retreat back into his field.  My guess is that he was on the river bank Friday because he had decided to leave his field and head north in the river bed.  I got in his way and he delayed heading north, the direction he was traveling when I last saw him.  Had his intent instead been to come out and warn me off, I believe that warn me off he would have done.

Posting written by Charles Wood. Visit Charles Wood’s website for these and more coyote photos: Charles Wood. His work is copyrighted and may only be used with his explicit permission.

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