Presto, Change-o?

Ahh! I noticed a coyote up on a hill and took it’s photo. I was sure it would not be there for long, and sure enough when I went by again 20 minutes later it was gone. But then, on my way home, I saw it again, maybe half an hour after my initial observation, and I took another photo. My view at dusk through a zoom lens was pretty much what you see in the top photo. Without the powerful zoom lens to look through, the coyote was barely visible at all and blended in superbly with its surroundings.

When I got home I blew up the photos in order to identify the coyote and was met with a surprise. The coyotes I had photographed in the exact same location, with the exact same poses, were actually two different guys! In-between taking these photos I had seen the second guy hurrying towards this area, but I didn’t think anything of it except that I was happy to see him. He disappeared seconds after I saw him. He apparently went to the exact same spot where the previous coyote had been.

Was it just coincidence, or was there more involved in choosing this exact same location to curl up on? Is this a special place which these two coyotes happen to like, maybe because it seems to serve as a lookout? Or maybe he came to this spot because he could smell that she had been there? Could this have been some kind of “changing of the guard”?  Lots to speculate about!

Coyotes can be distinguished by their very individualistic facial features. The first one is a gal, with large eyes, sleek face and is almost dainty looking in the way her face tapers at the nose, at least compared to the the second guy. The second guy is a guy, with wider forehead and wider nose and heftier build.

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  1. Charlotte Hildebrand
    Aug 15, 2011 @ 04:56:42

    (This is like the movie “Blow Up,” where David Hemmings solves a murder by blowing up a photo!). Anyway, interesting how coyotes rest in this position. I imagine from my limited observations that it’s the most natural way to sit. I’ve seen my coyote next door (yes, it’s still coming around) sit like this for hours. Also it’s a real mystery why these two coyotes chose the exact same spot…


    • yipps
      Aug 15, 2011 @ 22:26:01

      Hi Charlotte — Yes, it is kind of like the movie “Blow Up”. Blown up photos have often revealed “secrets” that I would never have seen with my eye alone, or even through the viewfinder. Coyotes very often sleep curled up like this — I wonder if your coyote is actually sleeping?

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