Wrong Tree?


I, too, heard the loud rustling sounds of a squirrel which caused me to look over and see it. The coyote’s attention became more and more intent the more he watched the loud activity. Finally, the coyote stood up, then dashed over to the tree. But no squirrel was in sight. “Could I have mistaken the tree?” Just in case he got it wrong, the coyote inspected the next tree over, but the squirrel was not there either, apparently. So Coyote settled for a green grassy salad close by before trotting off.

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  1. Charles Wood
    Sep 23, 2011 @ 18:30:54

    When walking my dog, I’ve seen squirrels fall from trees when scampering and jumping from branch to branch. When squirrels chase each other around up there they have more disregard for who is on the ground watching. And I’ve seen more than once a squirrel run between my dog’s legs in order to get to its ‘safe tree’. Mostly it is pointless wishing and watching from the canine, but there are times when it pays off.


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