Fall In LA County, by Charles Wood


In Los Angeles it had been weeks since I had seen any of the coyote family that makes its home in a field by a concrete river nearby.  Sunday I saw an eighteen month old male who I’m guessing was Mister, though it is hard to be sure given his winter coat.  I haven’t seen his mom in six weeks and it has been eight weeks since I last saw his dad.  From late spring through summer I see my coyote pack on almost any day.  In fall and winter, if not for their droppings, you would think they were not there at all.

Mister's Message

Where do they go and how far away?  Mister left a message for me today that is also a clue as to their whereabouts:  they go where the ripened fruit is and eat a lot of it.  If anyone reading recognizes the seeds, please let me know the name of the plant so I may try and locate some.

Posting written by Charles Wood. Visit Charles Wood’s website for these and more coyote photos: Charles Wood. His work is copyrighted and may only be used with his explicit permission.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. yipps
    Oct 31, 2011 @ 08:56:49

    I, too, have found that coyote coats change too much to serve as identifiers. But the facial characteristics are as unique as those of humans, and once you get to know them, they are the better identifiers.

    I have no idea what those berries are!


  2. Charlotte Hildebrand
    Oct 31, 2011 @ 16:29:37

    I only keep track of one coyote, and I too wonder where it goes, except it seems to know the weekends, Sunday in particular, when it comes next door looking for something to eat. This Sunday it looked so different with it’s lush winter coat.


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