New Life, by Charles Wood

Sunday here in LA County I saw Dad on watch. He is pictured with his head resting on his front paws, alert and ready to move quickly. He did move out of sight when I glanced away. To Dad’s left, a sole puppy emerged out of brush. I had gotten lucky! I shot video when the puppy went to where Dad had been. The puppy looks like a large one, probably about two months old.


Dad and his puppy had the high ground looking west over their field. They hid themselves after a minute or two. They then either stayed put or moved elsewhere. Either way, I didn’t see them again Sunday.

Mom and Dad’s child rearing duties never end. In the four years I’ve watched them they always have had kids around of various ages. In all likelihood, only a few of their children survived childhood and dispersal to reproduce.


Years ago, Mom and Dad were young and alone, were newly dispersed coyotes without friend or territory. They met and their lives changed for the better. They rejoiced in having discovered each other. Together they were strong. They found their place in this world, their field. They felt invincible as they made a life for themselves. Soon kids came. From having helped their own parents with younger siblings, and from instinct Mom and Dad knew how to parent. Now Mom and Dad, together with older children still at home, pass on their coyote ways.

Posting written by Charles Wood. Visit Charles Wood’s website for more coyote photos: Charles Wood. His work is copyrighted and may only be used with his explicit permission.

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