Young Raccoon Wins Skirmish With Two Coyotes

I’m sure these coyotes have come to this place knowing that they might “get that young raccoon this time.”  They have probably tried many times before and failed to flush it out. These bushes are located on one of their trekking routes, in back of some houses. Coyotes will keep trying — hope reigns supreme — and they may win some day. But raccoons, too, learn from experience, and this raccoon has probably developed some “coyote smarts”. I never did see the raccoon, but wow, I discovered that they have a vicious bark! I had to call a wildlife specialist to find out who owned that bark — I was told that it was a young raccoon. Larger and older raccoons can defend themselves well against coyotes.

Of interest is that the coyotes are working as a team. They look at each other and take cues from each other. One knows when it’s best to move out of the way and to step aside to let the other do the job. Also of interest is how the coyotes actually walk on top of the bushes — the bushes are much too dense for them to plow their way through with feet on the ground, but walking on top of them works!

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