Coyotes Didn’t Do It!

Coyotes always get a bad rap. Their crime often is simply having been seen. And when coyotes are in the area, the finger always points to them.

For two weeks in a row, these garbage cans were found tipped over with trash all over the street. Were the local coyotes the culprits? It turns out, no! In fact, coyotes, are not into garbage cans very often. They prefer doing their own hunting.

Anyway, it was fun recording this with an infrared night-vision camera, or trap camera, made specifically for this purpose. The camera will take still photos or videos when the heat of a warm body triggers them. This here is a short section of an all-night video clip. The coyotes returned to the garbage throughout the night from about 10pm to 4am. It’s a little too long to watch, but the key points are at 15 seconds, when the raccoons pull the trash can down, at 1:03 minutes when someone picks it up, and at 1:36 when the raccoons pull it down again.

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  1. Barbara Knupp
    Jan 21, 2013 @ 13:00:22

    Too funny. Passing through a suburban neighborhood just before nightfall, I saw a large raccoon perched on a trash can. Funny, once a week we drag our trash can down our long driveway to the road for trash pick up. It’s never been bothered by animals. However, on several occasions our mailbox – and others along the road – were demolished. Hmmm, nothing on 4 feet could do that.


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