Don’t Follow Me

2013-03-14 (1)It was dusk when I saw this coyote run across a path at the crest of a hill and down the other side. I hurried over the hilltop to see where it was going and what it was doing.

Don't follow me

Don’t follow me

The coyote was very aware that I was there and apparently did not like that. As you can see, it decided to give me a piece of its mind. Need more be said?

The message was clear, so I turned around and left. It was too dark to record any behavior anyway.

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  1. Barbara Knupp
    Mar 16, 2013 @ 20:31:57

    Too funny. While the deer, practically pose for my game cameras, the coyotes dislike them and quickly trot past. One day, I got a photo similar to yours, right in front of the camera, and take it as a commentary on those pesky, prying cameras.


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