Hey, Mom, Wanna Play?

How could anyone not want to be with such adorable pups, you might ask. But mothers need a break from their kids sometimes. Just look at the video, Meet The New Kids On The Block, to see what a coyote mom has to put up with! It looks like an incessant onslaught!

Kids of all species LOVE to play with their parents and want their attention! In the sequence of photos above, the kid comes up to Mom  for fun and games — he doesn’t seem to realize that she’s resting. But she does not want to be pestered here. “Beat it” is what she is saying.

1) Mom resting
2) Hey Mom, wanna play?
3) Please? NO!
4) In this slide he has withdrawn his hand as though it’s been slapped
5) Okay, BE that way! [The “kid” does a funny little twisty dance here!]
6) I’m outta here! Maybe Dad will play.

Moms often need free time away from the family.  Below she’s gone off some distance for a break, but she’s keeping an eye on them from her high vantage point, and will rush down to protect them if that is needed.

Mom rests on a knoll in the distance

Mom rests on a knoll in the distance

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Charles Wood
    Jul 25, 2013 @ 23:03:36

    I’m not seeing Rufous, Mary, or their pups lately, and appreciate your great opportunities for observation. Your picture of your mom with barred teeth is priceless and reminds me of my Mom and Dad coyotes’ comportment with their pups.

    As in your video New Kids on the Block, my Mom and Dad looked tired. The best I could tell, to my coyotes the kids were of the greatest value possible, unquestioningly. At the same time, they were a chaotic weight in constant tow. I didn’t feel my coyote parents merely endured their children. Rather, at heart I sensed a deep trust that their children, by observing their parents’ behavior, would copy it and prevail. Many times I would see the coyote parent take a stance and wait, wait, wait until the kid finally got the idea and copied. “Eventually, eventually, eventually they will copy”, I read in my coyote parents’ minds.

    What seemed hard for the parents was waiting for the mimicking action to occur. Yes the parents knew that the pups would copy, that soon enough the appropriate behavior would become automatic and instant. But until then, oh what the parents had to just dig in and endure! Trying times, but I never saw a coyote break with the faith that their own parental mature ways would be passed on with time. The coyote parents lived the maxim “Do as I do”, for what a coyote does do is exactly how coyotes “say”. It was amazing to watch a parent coyote consistently say by doing, always, and always ‘saying’ the coyote way.

    Finally, what I sensed in my parent coyotes was that they without question believed in, had an utmost faith in, their children. They maintained that faith despite that they watched their children make mistakes over and over and over again every day. For their children, coyote parents have deep and abiding faith.



    • yipps
      Jul 25, 2013 @ 23:47:05

      Hi Charles —

      Yes! The photo with barred teeth in this posting reminded me EXACTLY of your Dad reprimanding “the kid” in your More Dominant Male/Father Coyote Behavior posting of July 7th, 2010. The communication has to be absolutely clear to get a clear message across! The message in these photos leaves no “wiggle room” about it!

      I love your fantastic observations and description here, Charles, about the parents’ complete faith that their kids, with repeated examples, will eventually “get it”! Great comment! Janet

  2. Charlotte
    Jul 31, 2013 @ 18:12:06

    I watched “Parenthood” last night (Steve Martin) and gotta say, parents of both species need a little space! Love the dialogue Janet! very funny. The photo of resting mother captures the mood perfectly. One eye on the kids, from a distance!


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