Eats Two Apples

2013-07-18One of the places where I observe coyotes has apple trees. I had been waiting to catch a coyote eat one of the many fallen apples, but for years I never saw it happen. Coyotes are “opportunistic” eaters, which means they’ll eat pretty much anything, so I knew apples were on their list of possibilities as a food source. But all I ever saw was the apples in the trees, and later on, apples on the ground.  And coyotes passed them by without a second glance.

My dog used to love apples, while other dogs wouldn’t touch them, so I thought that maybe it had to do with personal taste?

Then, yesterday, at a time of the year when few apples still remain on the ground, I saw a coyote eat two in a row for the first ime. The first apple was munched, bite by bite, casually, as you or I would eat it, crunching each juicy bite, and enjoying the taste.  As the coyote ate, and as I watched, someone appeared coming down the path close to where the coyote was. The coyote took off in a hurry. But it turned it’s head, and I could see that it had an entire other apple in its mouth. The first one must have been really good!

2013-08-19 (3)

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  1. Jo
    Sep 18, 2013 @ 01:03:15

    Every part of this story is perfect. The last photograph especially… making me smile! Wonderful.


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