Coyote Sighting 9/25/13, by Dianne Palad

Image 1: My friend and I were taking pictures of the sunset on a cliff when I turned around to find this coyote passing by. He (She?) was aware of us because he glanced at us a few times as he walked by.

Image 2: I wanted to get more shots of him so I whistled and sure enough he turned around to look back at us for a few seconds. Then he continued to look on the ground for some food and we continued with our scenery pictures.

Image 3: Here’s the coyote walking back to direction he came from. He stopped and found a groundhog or somethingto feed on.

Image 4: Here’s a close-up before he went back. I didn’t bother following him back because I wanted to finish taking pictures of the sunset.

Image 5: No coyotes in this picture but I just thought I’d share the sunset with you since it was what I came for in the first place! =)

[Dianne wrote this piece after finding the posting by Mark Citret of his coyote sighting at this same location: Coyotes on the Cliff in Daly City, by Mark Citret, April 27, 2012 . Dianne left a comment, and then other readers asked if she would post her photos, so here is her story].


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Charles Wood
    Oct 05, 2013 @ 08:12:17

    Now that is a beautiful looking coyote.


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