A Long Winter’s Nap?

coyote sleeping in a hidden spot of sunshine

coyote sleeping in a hidden spot of sunshine with paws over its face

I can’t believe I spotted this little coyote asleep this way — tucked in under a tree in a spot of sunshine! Without the sun right on him, I would never have seen him. It’s almost too cute with his paws curled up over his snout. I wanted to post it for the holidays and to wish you all Peace and Goodwill amongst humans and animals!

To make it fit in with the season, I wanted to call this posting “a long winter’s nap” — but after thinking about it, I added a question mark. At this time of year, the nights are the longest they’ll be all year, so it’s appropriate to call a full night’s sleep a “long winter’s nap.” But this is sort of reversed for coyotes.

Although coyotes are not nocturnal, they have adapted their schedules in order to avoid humans and human activity during the day. For the most part, they are out and about at dawn, dusk and nighttime, and they spend the vast portion of daylight hours hidden away and sleeping.

So since there are fewer daylight hours right now, it occurred to me that maybe coyotes are actually getting only ” a short winter’s nap”?  If that is the case, they’re probably making up for any lost daytime sleep by taking nighttime “catnaps” when they need them!

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  1. John
    Jan 06, 2014 @ 23:54:00

    That’s a cozy-looking bed he’s got. I was out once in the pouring rain when I chanced upon a sleeping coyote curled up under its tail at the base of a Doug fir on Mt. Tam.


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