A Tail of Two Cities


The same issues are being faced by two separate communities, one to be solved by banking on people’s fears due to a lack of information and understanding, the other to be solved by giving folks the information they need to deal with any issues and to coexist peacefully. Seal Beach Council members have elected to shoot coyotes based on the emotional reactions of their constituents. It’s a quick-fix, knee-jerk reaction which falsely suggests that once the coyotes are wiped out all such issues will magically disappear. But coyotes are here to stay and other transient coyotes will soon fill the vacated niches of those slaughtered coyotes, birthrates will increase to compensate for the losses resulting in more coyotes than existed before the killings, and no issues will have been solved — and the blood bath will be perpetual.

Huntington Beach officials, on the other hand, for their management strategy, are providing facts and education to help folks learn and understand how to coexist with coyotes: the actual issues are solved with this approach whereby people and coyotes can exist together in an environment. This coexistence strategy is being adopted in cities across North America because it is effective and humane, and there is no coyote population rebound effect which often results if you kill these critters whereby you end up with more coyotes than you began with, and the same issues you began with.

The guidelines must be followed, but they are simple: don’t allow pets to roam free, keep dogs leashed in coyote areas and walk away from one if you see one, know how to shoo away a coyote, keep your distance, and don’t leave food out. Please view the video at the top of the coyoteyipps homepage and visit coyotecoexistence.com.

“Coyote advice at Huntington Beach town hall: Haze, don’t shoot”: http://www.hbindependent.com/news/tn-hbi-me-0925-mansoor-coyotes-20140924,0,2313310.story

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