Coyote Biology, Behavior and Population Dynamics

click on the image to read the entire article

click on the image to read the entire article

Here is a bit of fascinating information which I’d like to help make more accessible to the public, regarding what we know about coyote population dynamics, territoriality and the attempt by humans to “control and manage” their populations, i.e. kill them.

For many years, we’ve been using this information — first documented by F.F. Knowlton in 1972 — to inform folks about the repercussions of eliminating coyotes: that killing them has the unintended consequence of actually increasing their populations.

This letter from Robert Crabtree, based on his observations and studies, sums up this information precisely, concisely and interestingly. Please click on the the thumbnail to the left to read it and learn more about the fascinating life of coyotes from it!

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