Kicking Up Her Heels For The New Year!


2014-12-22 1

Here are photos of a calm day — except the kicking-up-her-heels part. She’s actually kicking up her heels in a hunt after lolling around, doing absolutely nothing, all morning in an open field. And even this little amount of activity was low energy and not too exciting since it didn’t result in a hoped-for lunch, so it was really a very mellow morning.

Anyway, it was the sunshine which was so delicious on this day, and this coyote took full advantage of it, soaking it up for the entire morning before wandering into some bushes and out of sight. This is a happy coyote. Thank you San Francisco for supporting our wildlife. Hopefully more of our urban and non-urban coyotes throughout North America will be able to live this way in the coming year and years to come, without it leading to a death sentence as it has in some communities.

Although not nocturnal animals, coyotes keep themselves hidden from view, by and large, during daylight hours. However, there are some coyotes who, on a regular basis, enjoy resting and sleeping right out in the open where they can be seen, as long as they are not pursued by dogs and as long as their space is not intruded upon by humans.

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  1. spring
    Feb 03, 2019 @ 02:58:39

    I love coyotes. I believe we as humans need to understand we are not the only ones on this earth. We need to share and have compassion. Unfortunately there are many who think otherwise. I live in a area that follow some very barbaric practices such as trapping and snaring. I pray for change.


    • yipps:janetkessler
      Feb 03, 2019 @ 04:12:49

      Hi Spring —

      Thank you for your comment. Those of us who agree on this need to put in the effort to stop those brutal practices. This blog is such an effort in its attempt to show what coyotes are really like. On another level, science has found that trapping and killing not only INCREASES the population, but those that remain become HARDER coyotes in order to survive. You have the ability to help change the situation by using your voice and your pen. Talk to people and convince them that they, too, can love coyotes, by telling them these things. We can only change people one at a time. And send people to this blog to learn about them, or if they have any questions. If enough of us work on this, we will be able to cause the change we want. :)) Janet

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