Coyote Follows A Skunk Without Incident

Coyote smelled or eyed a skunk and carefully approached, then followed at point-blank range. Skunk had his tail up, but did not back up and spray — might he have had no “ammunition” left? Skunks apparently are very conservative in their use of their spray because it takes a full two weeks or so to fill up the sack once it is used. And Coyote made no attempt to grab the skunk, nor to deliver an incapacitating shake: Might this have been due to the skunk smell the skunk carried with him, or, possibly to the coyote’s inability to tell where the head was? 

At any rate, Coyote followed skunk and when Skunk stopped, Coyote then moved to the side and watched. Skunk kept his eyes on me and on Coyote, approaching neither of us. Soon I could tell Coyote wanted me gone, because he kept eyeing me and then he led me away — and I obliged by following. But he came back. Alas, Skunk had moved on. All in a day in the life of an urban coyote.

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