She Watches Dogs Pass By Who in the Past Have Chased Her

noticing approaching dogs

to bark or not to bark — it’s a hard decision (video)

observing them carefully

happily, there’s no antagonistic activity this time; ho, hum

going, going, they’re GONE! — without incident!

This gal was in a field hunting when some late visitors to her park arrived with their dogs. Some of the dogs were leashed and some were not. Most unleashed dogs chase after coyotes, though some do not — they did not this time. Some of the dogs have chased her in the past and she remembers each and every chase and chaser. She waited, anticipating the worst, but it didn’t happen this time. On this day, coexistence worked really well here in San Francisco.

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  1. cathycareyblog
    Jun 25, 2015 @ 00:55:08

    I Love your pics! Our Golden Retreiver doesn’t chase the coyote that lives in our yard. One evening after being up top (the part of our yard the coyote passes through), Yogi (my dog) was still out and I hadn’t put the gate back up, (which keeps the dogs and coyote separate during dark hours) the coyote was out and she and I were very close to him, and she didn’t make any move towards him. I was so relieved. They obviously know each other, and Im glad they don’t bother each other.


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