Lee Cline: “Maybe Coyote”

Lee Cline has painted some gorgeous portraits of coyotes which can be seen at the Four Barrel Cafe at 375 Valencia Street in San Francisco. The large canvases (36″x 48″), in oil and charcoal, capture coyote’s movements, essence and form — wispy and almost not there, the way you might encounter one on the street at twilight out of the corner of your eye before it disappears and you wonder if, in fact, you actually saw it — in an almost monochrome palette, with just a hint of subdued color in each painting for accent.

Lee says about herself: “I didn’t go to art school. But I like to draw and I like to paint. Never more than now, with all this digitalization of experience, this feels like the authentic thing: the hand-drawn, the dirty hands, the working and re-working in a world where there is no Undo.” I’m on the same page! I think her art is exquisite! And, of course, she paints a subject I’m passionate about. For more of her art, visit leecline.com

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