My Coyotes In Pacifica, by Cindi

 2014-08-27 (1)
I live in Pacifica California. I have a coyote that has been behind my backyard for 6 years. There is a new family..mama and 4 pups..The male sits in the sun and I see him there for hours at a time..there is a eucalyptus grove behind me with lots of undergrowth. My large collie sits in our yard and thankfully this coyote is afraid.. I leave him alone but love watching puppies play..I take tons of photos..
2014-08-15 (1)
The male coyote is called “Mama” because for a year we thought he was a female. He has been on my hill for six years now. These photos are from two years ago, when we were redoing our yard and had NO fence. . .


My collie Kody and the mom and dad coyotes. I DO NOT leave Kody outside when coyotes are on the hill.
 2015-06-11 (1)
Question: Did you build the fence specifically because of the coyotes — to keep a barrier between coyotes and dog? No, we took down a 6 foot deer fence because we built a new step up patio so we could have a view of Montara Mountain. We just put a 42″ wrought iron fence so it would not obstruct the view!! As a matter of fact the puppy coyotes have been walking thru the slats and coming into my yard at different times of night! There is no food out there but one night two were playing on my artificial lawn!

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  1. yipps
    Aug 16, 2016 @ 15:28:06

    I, too, knew a coyote for a full year as a female before discovering otherwise. When we found this out, we altered the name from the cute, “Brownie” to the more masculine “Bruno”, but we perpetuate the history — we always tell folks what his name used to be and why!!


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