Dive-bombed by a Bluejay

People, dogs, and now, darn . . . . a sky-diving bluejay to deal with! This bluejay dive-bombed this coyote for ten full minutes, squawking harshly and incessantly as it did so, in an attempt to get the coyote to leave. The coyote ignored it as much as he could, meandering or standing there stoically still as though it wasn’t there, but at times giving in to ducking, flinching and folding back his ears, as seen in the last two photos.

The coyote never once *looked* at the bluejay, though, of course, he was very aware of it. This particular bluejay interacts in this way regularly with this coyote within about a 100 foot area.

We all forget that all those beautiful — and sometimes harsher — springtime songbird sounds are actually battle cries of little critters trying to protect their territories from other little critters or vying for a mate. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there in nature!

[click on any of these smaller photos to enlarge them and see as a slide show]

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